Feb 23, 2013

Honda Cg125

Found this in 8negro blog. I loves everything about this build especially the seat & the flipped license plate below the headlamp.

Description by the owner:

Kick start (up to 8 years @ Niñ could tear it!)
Front fender removed
Number plate on a provisional registration
Leather seat become gray with yellow fluorescent threads
Honda GL tank modified and polished
Punky black paint and matte lacquer very molona
Bates Headlight approved
Power filter
Rear fender Zundapp
suspension high
Bullet taillight
Montesa Cuffs
Simplified wiring
Removing battery with a capacitor (lights and horn work equally!)
escape drilled
Engine, tires, shocks, swing ... painted in black
I surrender all original parts on the bike (tank tops, etc ...) "

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