Nov 7, 2011


I was brought up in a family without any motorcycle, and wasn't allowed to ride one. I had started riding at my college time when I stayed away from home. My parent have no choice but to let my get a license so that since they couldn't prevent me from riding, at least they want me to ride safe with a proper license, so there started my life on 2 wheels.
Living in a city without a good public transportation system, I bought myself an used Kawasaki Kips 150cc a couple of years after I started working. It was just a transportation for me. I enjoyed riding it when it didn't give me trouble, but most of the time, it did.
After a few years, two of my friends bought themselves a Vulcan 500. That was the 1st time I ride a cruiser. With my butt on the thick and soft seat of Vulcan 500 and my mind thinking of Arnold Schwarzenegger riding the Harley in the Terminator 2, I fell in love with a cruiser since then. Ok, Vulcan 500 is not really my type of bike, but hey! when you rode on it and the sound was popping in sync with your heartbeat, you know that you'll got to get yourself one(I mean cruiser). That was how things started.
Later, that friend of mine brought me to a bike shop and that was the 1st time I saw a Dragstar/V Star 650. I was in love with it since then. Tho' I didn't get myself one at that time (Not even now) but I still think I'll got to get myself one someday.
For many years, I'm not on 2 wheels anymore, but I still couldn't forget the feeling of riding a bike. Recently the urge of riding is getting stronger. Of course with the family and commitments I has now, I cannot buy one just like that, but I'm working on it. Hopefully that day will come soon.
Meanwhile, this will be a place for me to post links, pictures and my thought about motorcycle design and customization. Here goes a banner I created for this blog ++free the wheels++

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