Aug 29, 2012

Ruby Full face Helmet

Though I can never afford their helmet, but the Ruby helmets are one of my favorites. The new full face soon to be released look cool too.


Aug 27, 2012

Mad Vulcan 400

Totally in love with this aggressive looking custom Vulcan 400 by Motorcycle Madmakers, Japan. Too bad there isn't any Vulcan 400 in our country, but I'm sure Dragstar 650 or Shadow 600 can be made into something like this.

Aug 24, 2012

Custom Honda 360 by Jason Tiedeken

Nice bike by Metal Morphosis Cycles, but can't find the complete build. I wonder what had happened to this. via

Aug 23, 2012

Photoshop Custom: Yamaha Virago 535

Though I never like the design of a Virago 535 but because of the low price tag and the availability in the local market, I'd actually considered buying one. Here's how I wanted it to look like if it really happened.
Here goes the mod.

  • Lower the front and rear shock for a more aggressive/ custom look
  • Change the exhaust to a upswept cocktail shaker style
  • Change the side cover to a metal one as in some of the Japanese bobber. Also use it to change the line of the seat (Covered above the subframe)
  • Bubble seat inspired by Yellow MC, Japan
  • Single carburetor
  • Finned air filter cover
  • Fork cover to beef up the look
  • Window handlebar on top of low pull back riser as in some of the Japanese bobber
  • Bare metal sportster tank with "The Big Wave" design -optional
  • Leather wrapped grip
  • Bobbed front fender
  • Smaller & lower headlight
  • Retro taillight
  • Mini Blinker (not shown in the render)

Original tank with new paint scheme

Original Virago as comparison