Nov 30, 2011


A streetfighter is a customized sport bike with the removal of the fairing for a lighter and more aggressive look. It was made popular by European riders in the 80s, and now all over the world. It also affected the motorcycle manufacturers with factory built street fighters.
I like the industrial and nakedness of a streetfighter. If you read about my Photoshop Custom post, that's a streefighter/bobber hybrid bike I like. 


Nov 29, 2011

Elvira - a Rat Cafe Racer

There are many rat bikes out there. A lot of them look like abandoned bikes or props in some post apocalypse movies. They don't look real if you see them on the road. This one is different. It look old and rusty, but somehow it's like a nicely built bike passed down from your grandfather, rather then something you pick up from the junk yard. 
It is built by Noli from Lucky Monkey, Manila. He name this bike after his grandmother - Elvira who gave him his first bike when he was 4. He spent 2 and a half years to build it, and it's still a work in progress like the rest of the custom bikes out there.

Nov 28, 2011

Dragstar/V-Star650 Bobber

When I said I love Dragstar/V-Star 650 doesn't there aren't other bike that I like better then this one. It's just that living in a country with high automotive tax, this bike is the most realistic one that I can own.
If you are not new to this blog, you should have known that bobber is 1 of the type of bike that I like most. So here are some nice XVS650 bobbers from my library.





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The rest are by Flakes Custom Motorcycle from Japan. They have different style if compare to most of the western bobbers.

Nov 26, 2011

Maxican Skull Arts

I always like how different culture celebrate or believe in life after death, like Maxican Day of the Death.  I don't know why but somehow these ritual/belief makes me think of the spirit of motorcycling.
Anyway, I has just found out about this artist/designer Ryan Holmberg from Deviant Art. He has a small collection of Maxican skull art in his portfolio that I think work well on a fuel tank or helmet or even a tattoo, and of course can be made into some very cool posters.

Nov 25, 2011

Leaf Spring Seat

Personally I love the look of a leaf spring seat set up. It makes the bike look cleaner and simpler then a normal spring seat. There are a few custom bike builder did this to their creation, but not many out there is selling it. If you Google a bit, you can find a few forums are on this topic, but building a good one might need some trials and errors.
Here goes the gallery.

Flatt Kracker by Garage Company Customs

This is Hate by Love Hate Choppers
1983 XS650 by Mark
The Bullet by Falcon Motorcycle
Ya Mama by Pandemonium Customs
Light Foot by Rajputana Customs

Nov 24, 2011

No Monkey Business

When someone tell you about custom bike, is chopper/cruiser the only thing come to your mind? Then you are wrong.
These little scooter was originally produced to be a children's ride in Japanese amusement park, but was eventually became mass produced. These bikes are only 50cc 4-stroke-engine with an overhead camshaft. It had became very popular among Japanese youngster and they love to customize it, and hitting UK later. There are many cosmetic and performance parts available for these bikes in Japan. For the rest of us out here, getting one is a little hard.

40th Anniversary edition

Heavily modified from Bodyline Custom

A nice rebuilt from CMS in The Netherlands 

Just in case you are wondering about the size of this scooter, here is a picture with riders on it.