Jun 27, 2013

Mini Café

Nick from the Young Guns Speedshop in Rapperswil, Switzerland created probably one of the smallest cafe racers in the world. It's a 1962 Zündapp Combinette Sport with a 50cc motor. He did the entire rebuild by himself. Nice job Nick!
Via Lorenz Richard' site.

Jun 25, 2013

American Racer

No. 054 by Reynal Custom Works. Simple and I love it!


  • exhaust: one-off
  • silencer: modified Harley muffler
  • air filter: K & N
  • grip: IK WORKS
  • throttle: WM
  • seat: one-off leather saddle seat
  • rear fender: modified Harley fender
  • control box: one-off
  • front fork: lowdown
  • rear suspension: short Sass
  • R wheel: 16 inches
  • F tire: Firestone replica
  • R Tires: Shinko

HD 1979 Shovelhead

Loves the used of Aermacchi's tank on this build. By Good Motor Cycles.

Jun 21, 2013

Death Rides in the Night

Tho' the rear wheel is too close to the engine and the rider look a bit too big, but I love the color, mood and composition of this work. By Nicholas Roberts.

Jun 19, 2013

Star Cruiser

Found out about the Local Motors Cruiser Design Challenge late and only manage to come out with this design. It was fun but really wish to do more.
Please vote for me if you like it.

Jun 12, 2013