Jan 9, 2013

Sherm Baltayan's XS650

Super narrow XS650 found here.
 From the builder:
Sherm – I Purchased this bike 2.5 years ago for $550. It needed alot of work and was missing a bunch of parts. I wanted to make this bike super short and super skinny so we decided to make our own hardtail section to achieve those specs. Alot of the parts for this bike were purchased from wargasser speed shop, Pretty much the whole front end is all from W/G, super narrow trees, shaved fork legs, w/g wheel, and w/g headlight. This was my first bike build and was a great learning experience for me. Cant wait till i start my next build.The bike rides very smooth and very fast. It’s got a 4 piston brembo caliper in the rear which makes it stop great for not having a front brake. As I mentioned before the bike has a lot of wargasser parts on it.  Alot of the parts on the bike are harley/wargasser parts. Here is a small list of the parts that are on the bike. Wargasser Super Narrow 35mm Triple Trees, Wargasser Headlight, Wargasser Harley Shaved Legs, Wargasser Wheels front and rear. Wargasser Gas Cap.
This bike is super skinny and and super short which makes is super fun to ride and super easy to split lanes.This build took me 2years to complete and was a complete pile of crap when I purchased it. Most of the fab work was all hand made including the hardtail section.

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