Oct 11, 2013

Tree Fiddy

Found this in the1moto for quite some time. Here goes.

67 350 widecase scrambler motor (non desmo) and frame, stock motor, frame delugged and rear loop pulled in. Yamaha R5b forks up front and 13” shrouded shocks from a BSA out back. Akront rims (21” and 18”) laced to Ducati hub in rear and Yamaha 175 hub up front. Mystery tires that I sanded all the lettering off of. Battery is tiny, coil is from a Yamaha. The giant handlebars are from the ‘60s. Seat is a chopper pillion pad and the gas tank is a narrowed Yamaha tank with Italian petcocks. Megaphone is short, thick and loud (just how I like my women).

I’ve had this bike for a long time, like 10 or 12 years. It was given to me as a seized motor and bare frame by my friend and hero Toby. As a greasy teenager i idolized Toby. The dude had it all, purple hair, a tattered leather jacket, a girlfriend who looked as good as Betty Paige and rode an equally gorgeous Triumph and thirteen motorcycles in his tiny garage. The bike went predictably in a cafe direction for many years, but at
a hair over 6ft, hunching over clubmans and short suspension I made the bike look tiny. So a few years ago i tore it apart and went the opposite direction, up. When all was said and done I ended up with this crazy-ass moto-crosser-looking thing. Needs the top end rebuilt, but once it’s on the road again, you’ll know, cause you’ll hear it comin’ from across town.

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