Nov 14, 2011

Photoshop Custom - Dragstar/V-Star 650

I like Dragstar/V-Star 650, I'll start a series of Photoshop customization to it whenever I can find some spare time.
I like the riding position of a cruiser and the style of a streetfighter, so the best way to get one is by modifying a cruiser into a street fighter. This is something I like to see happened to a Dragstar/V-Star 650 if I had one and if budget and parts are available.


The mods are.
  1. Lower the front fender.
  2. Customize a narrower and less roundish fuel tank.
  3. Change to a pullback riser with a narrow drag bar with bar end mirrors.
  4. Speedometer relocate to the handlebar.
  5. Change the headlight to a vertical dual headlight.
  6. Cut the back portion of the frame to reveal the shock.
  7. Remove the battery cover and customized the battery compartment to a more industrial look.
  8. Modified and heat wrapped the exhaust into a sportier one.
  9. Change the seat to a solo seat held by a leaf spring.
  10. Change the back fender to a bobber fender.
  11. Build a frame to hold a curve license plate at the back of the wheel.
  12. Change the rims to five spoke sport rims.
  13. Spray most of the parts into flat black except the engine and the upper fork.
This is actually the same bike shown in the masthead with slightly different color scheme.


  1. is this mod viable in real life? but love the bobber. Damn cool

  2. Cutting the frame is quite risky, and getting a sport rim like this here is hard, the rest shouldn't be a problem.

  3. I am just wrapping up a v-star 650 bobber right now. Once it is finished, I will to start work on your idea with a new bike. The frame is a little sketchy but can be done with the right supports in place. Some years of the Yamaha Virago have rims that are very similar and work with the shaft drive system on the V-star 650.

    1. Wow, that's my honor. For the frame, I've seen some Japanese done that to their V-Star. Jean-Jacques Gaudel (had an accident, hopefully he can recover soon) from also did something similar. So I guess it's doable.
      Hopefully I can see the progress of your build.

    2. what year of viragos will fit the dragstar?