Dec 5, 2011

Photoshop Custom - Dragstar/V-Star 650 Ver 2.0

Here are some more Photoshop renderings of the xvs650 in my imagination. After I posted the previous customization, a different direction came to my mind. I has thought of making it a more retro bike and to make it more realistic if I want to build this in this country, so here goes the results.


  • A retro tail light added
  • Racing stripes on the fuel tank
  • low narrow drag bar
  • Original frame
  • Original Wheels
  • Details on the battery box and the keyhole moved to a cylinder oil tank shape fuse box
  • Change to a horizontal plead solo seat
  • Front fender removed
  • Similar to the previous one
    Gold flake fuel tank with yellow lens headlights

    White fuel tank with yellow lens headlight

    Bare metal fuel tank with stain