Jun 27, 2012

Photoshop Custom: GS550 (Again?)

After playing with Photoshop on this bike for quite some times, here comes the latest rendering. It's something I like to do if I has this bike.
Here's an out of the box mod to this bike. I don't think I can build this, unless I has a garage with tools, and lots of skills... which I don't.
Anyway, really had fun designing this.


  1. On the top one, your rear wheel is too big. unless of course those shocks are rock solid. Go over a big bump and it'll slam straight into the frame.
    you need either a smaller wheel or to raise the shocks so the frame sits higher. Other than that, great looking...though your custom version is a little...far fetched.

    1. I've been wondering about the shock issue too when I see some of the Japanese custom motorcycle similar to this. Anyway I don't think I'll do this now.
      The second one is actually for fun.