Dec 12, 2011

Photoshop Custom: Lucky! (Just like a dog)

Here is a simple mod to make your old Virago 535 into a cool cafe racer. Not really "that" simple, but at least you don't need to change the exhaust and the main frame.

  • Lower the front fork
  • Change the handlebar into something low
  • Custom build a cafe racer style fuel tank
  • Add a frame from the end of the fuel tank to the rear shocks
  • Custom build a new seat and a rear fender
  • Make a larger cover for the battery compartment
  • The paint job is up to you. As in my render, I play with the theme "Lucky"
  • The last thing to do is a bit tricky. You need to change the foot control to a rear control which I didn't do it in this render



1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    Beautiful conversion !
    But: you haven't mentioned the fact that the rake angle is lowered. This is non-trivial as it involves either cutting and welding of main frame or installing some adjustable steering head.