Dec 22, 2011


Sbay Motor Co. from Spain had built some impressive bikes.

Their philosophy:

So... you know there is no going back,
once you are on the bike and on the move you know there will be no regrets,
you will go straight as an arrow through fog, mist, darkness and light.
But… Enough! So many, all similar, type-cast, so predictable.
Enough! Be unique, stand alone, be different.
This is the meaning of freedom.
And where to go? It is completely unimportant.
You don't ride a bike just to get your destination.
You ride your bike to be seduced by the road, the asphalt, the highway, a moment in time.
You knew, you knew when you got on a bike for the first time: When you felt the oneness with competitiveness that defines the bike world.
You knew that this was the world to which you wanted to belong.
Loves the details and how they mix the old styling and the new technology in their built.



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