Dec 21, 2011

Photoshop Custom- Samurai Dragstar

This is not a samurai chopper like those from Zero Engineering. I just played with the samurai theme on this custom.


  • A smaller black headlight with amber lens and black protective cage as in a kendo mask
  • Bubble visor as the fairing
  • Fuel tank chopped, narrowed and relocated to the top of the frame with "The Great Wave of Kanagawa" design
  • Modified carburetor with an samurai emblem
  • Leaf sprung solo seat
  • Bobber rear fender in matte black with a retro tail light
  • Front fender removed
  • Battery relocated to the bottom
  • Side cover removed, the fuse box and electronics fit into an oil-tank-shaped container with a "samurai" kanji character
  • Exhaust changed and heat wrapped
  • Red lining added to the wheels
  • Gold details added to the exhaust and the fork
  • Engine and rims painted in matte black
  • Black fork boots added
  • Handlebar changed to a drag bar with leather wrapped grips
  • Gold sauvastika knot keychain
Samurai Dragstar

Original Dragstar/Vstar 650

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